Bionic Gloves and KGLOVES Partner To Design Tactical Glove For Military

Bionic Gloves released its first tactical glove for military and first responders through an exclusive partnership with KGLOVES. It’s the only tactical glove designed with Bionic technology and field-tested by military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bionic KGLOVES Tactical Glove

“It is an honor to create the Bionic KGLOVES tactical glove, such a technologically advanced, comfortable, yet protective glove, for the brave men and women who serve our country,” said Cheryl Fink, Bionic’s marketing director. “They deserve a glove with Bionic innovation and technology, and we’re excited to introduce it into the marketplace.”

Designed with strategically placed pads to help even out the surface of the palm by filling the valleys between the hand’s natural peaks, the Bionic KGLOVES tactical glove provides greater comfort, gripping ability and flexibility. The Bionic KGLOVES tactical glove improves flexibility and promotes natural closure of the hand in the patented pre-rotated finger design and motion zones. The anatomical relief pad system helps absorb shock and minimize hand fatigue, an important feature for military personnel.

The Bionic KGLOVES tactical glove was field-tested by Special Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, with feedback ranging from “good breathability” and “outstanding wrist closure and material” to “design allows knuckle to bend with hand motion.” Not only is this the first tactical glove with Bionic technology, it is also the only military glove in the market available in women’s sizes.

“We are proud to release a product that is accessible to military women as well, a demographic that has needed representation in the glove field for years,” said Katie Kleinert Rhawn, KGLOVES President.

The Bionic KGLOVES Tactical Glove has applications in both military and law enforcement, retails for $49.95 and is available online at

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