CES 2015 Day 0 – Press Events and Things to Expect

CES 2015 Day 0 – Press Events and Things to Expect

The new year surely starts great for the tech-savvy of us, as the first major event in consumer electronics and technology – CES 2015 – is about to start. Visitors will only have the chance to take a look around starting on the 6th, while representatives of the press (those who were registered) will start one day early. Let’s see what events they can attend at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The first press conference of the day starts at 8 AM local time, and it will be held by Bosch – a brand familiar to so many of us. Bosch is present in a great variety of industries, from household appliances to automotive technology, and will present a series of innovations for home and mobility at this year’s event. At the same time LG will also hold a press conference – for invited guests only – where it will present new lines of consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile products for the year to come. Its global and US executives will provide attendees with insights on its market. Interested journalists will have the chance to attend press events held by a series of other larger and smaller manufacturers – Keyfree, a technology to change the way we experience our vehicles, Monster, who will prove it’s more than just a headphone company, Sharp, MobileHelp, Panasonic, Valeo, Honeywell Life Care Solutions, and the list could go on.

Some of the announced press events at the CES 2015 will surely attract a bit more attention than others. For example, the above mentioned LG presentation, but so will others – like Qualcomm’s event that starts at 12 o’clock, where the company will share its insights not just on the mobile market, but also on developing technologies like smart homes and wearables, or Toyota’s, which will most likely reveal more details about the sustainable future of our vehicles. This year’s CES, like most others before it, will have a series of ceremonies rewarding the best products presented at the event – like the Wearable Tech Awards, the Mobile App Showdown, the Hardware Battlefield and many others. CES 2015 attendees will have the chance to see and touch the most innovative products the tech world has to offer: Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge, Dell’s Venue 8 tablet, Pioneer’s Elite SC-89 receiver or Fuel3D’s new, handheld 3D scanner.

All in all, the 2015 edition of the CES will have loads of innovative and attractive technologies to see from all over the world. Be there.

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