PC Tour Golf Simulator

Fore! Excuse us, we’ve just taken delivery of the PC Tour Personal Golf Simulator. Unlike most home golf training aids, that generally require you to swing an unrealistic club at an unrealistic ball in order to pop it into an unrealistic hole, the Golf Simulator uses PC software to simulate a real round of golf on 18 of the world’s best courses.

The Golf Simulator allows you to use your own clubs to play and thanks to the inspired Swing Groover ball and turf base, the whole experience is more like the PGA Tour than living room mini golf. Statistical analysis of your performances is also possible, so you can watch your driving and putting improve as you play. Add to that, of course, the fact that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, the game you’ll be playing as you chip your way to better golf, is a massively entertaining game and we have to ask the question, ‘why haven’t you bought it already?’ It’ll have you screaming, ‘I’m Tiger Woods!’ at the top of your voice.

PC Tour Golf Simulator

Main Features:

  • Incredibly realistic PC golf simulation
  • Play famous courses from home
  • Use your own clubs and computer
  • Play friends and computer-generated pros
  • Includes turf base, ball and software
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Me, 2000, or 98
  • Computer Interface: USB “-“RAM: 128 MB or more
  • Processor: 500 MHz or faster ”-“Hard Drive: At least 1.3 GB of free space
  • Video: Video Card must be 16 MB or more and contain one of these chipsets: nVidia (TNT, TNT2,
  • GeForce or better); ATI (Rage128, Radeon or better); PowerVR (Kyro or Kyro II)
  • CD/DVD: 8x or faster CD/DVD Drive

Price: £189.95 Buy here

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