Rock Guitar Ice Tray

For many of us, sipping a cool drink while listening to our favorite music is pure bliss. But what if you could actually drink a beverage that was literally made of music? That would be kinda weird, right? So we’ve got the next best thing….

Rock Guitar Ice TrayA set of ice guitars that you can pop into your drink to stir it and that also keep it cool at the same time. Whether you’re feeling supersonic and necking back gin and tonics by the bucket load, or slamming tins of beer, there’s a guitar among the 3 supplied moulds for your mood.

Creating your rock masterpiece is a breeze. Just pop the guitar neck into the mould, fill with water and place in the freezer until your guitar is ready to be plonked into a waiting drink. At Paramountzone, they’re rocking you back to the ice age.

Each frozen stirrer measures approximately 5.5cm long, and the tray makes 3 ice guitars.

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  1. 30th November 2007 | WebMonster says:
    Simply the best!

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