Should You Install Keyloggers in the Workplace?

Employers have been trying to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of installing keyloggers in the workplace as a means of monitoring usage of company resources. Here are some of the problems that often come to mind regarding keylogging software:


  • Keylogging software may cause company computers to run significantly slower due to each key press being recorded.
  • Logs kept by keylogger software may use up too much hard drive space and therefore cause unnecessary additional expenditures.
  • Employers might even be less productive because they feel imprisoned and are too frightened to make mistakes because they know they’re being watched.
  • The company might run into lawsuits regarding privacy due to private information possibly being captured by keylogging software.


It’s reasonable to think about these things as an employer since any of these problems can significantly drain company resources and slow down operations, so here are some tips to prevent these problems from happening:

  • System slowdowns – Outdated computers are more likely to lock-up or freeze when a bloated keylogging program runs in the background. By making sure that your office computers are updated and that you’re using a reliable keylogging program, you shouldn’t encounter this problem.

  • Hard drive space loss – A lot of people mistakenly believe that even days’ worth of keystroke logs can easily consume a whole hard drive’s worth of memory. Fortunately, only screen capturing programs have this ability since they save continuous snapshots of the computer’s screen. Keylogging programs, on the other hand, only save whatever the user has been typing on their keyboards, and with high quality keylogging software, you should be able to fill a few years’ worth of information in a single 500-GB hard drive.

  • Productivity loss – This usually only happens when employees find out that there are keylogging software installed on the company computers they’re using without their consent. By properly and politely informing employees of the intention to monitor activity on office computers, installation of keylogging software on their computers should boost productivity more than reduce it.

  • Privacy legality issues – Companies that block access to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites unrelated to office work will most likely not have problems with the installation of keylogging software. However, for companies that do allow access to sites unrelated to office work, they’re simply not allowed to use networking keyloggers to transport personal information from the employees, nor are they allowed to use the obtained information even as evidence for an alleged crime.

In most cases, however, as long as the employees are aware that a keylogging program is installed and running on their machines, they’ll most likely be more cautious in using company computers for personal purposes.

A lot of companies have quickly recovered because of the use of keylogging software in the workplace. Bad employees can easily be replaced, and performance bottlenecks are better tracked and remedied. By spending perhaps hundreds of dollars on high quality keylogging software, a company can save over tens of thousands of dollars that would’ve been lost from dishonest employees or untracked mistakes. So the final verdict on whether or not you should install keylogging software in the workplace is definitely a yes!

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