Solar Powered Headphones With Radio

Take solar powered music where ever you go! You need never worry about your batteries running out again. Fully charged these solar powered headphones with radio will run for up to 20 hours allowing you to take advantage of the summer sun to provide you with some hot tunes!

This headset is ideal for outdoor use and because all is built-in, there is no longer any need to have wires dangling from your ears to your pocket or belt. It doesn’t matter if your head is big or small because the comfortable dual headband adjusts to fit heads of all sizes. The solar powered radio headphones recharge themselves even whilst you are listening, so as long as there is some sun your headset will remain charged up and tuned in.

Solar Powered Headphones With RadioThe solar powered headphone radio has an internal antenna for powerful reception and an extended bass for superior sound quality. Whether, walking, gardening, cycling or on the beach, take advantage now of the latest power technologies with this cool gadget that uses environmentally friendly solar power and will leave you feeling that you have done your bit for the planet.

Main Features:

  • Dual headband for added comfort; adjusts to fit big and small heads.
  • Internal antenna for powerful reception.
  • Extended bass for superior sound quality.
  • Automatically recharges in light, even when listening.
  • One hour of sunlight provides 1-3 hours listening, and fully charged the headset radio will run for up to 20 hours.
  • Includes partially charged AAA NiMH solar rechargeable battery so you can tune in straight away.
  • Weighs 140g.
  • 3 year warranty.

Price: £19.95

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