Swagway X1

We have been asked to complete a Swagway Hoverboard Review. Hoverboards have fast become the hottest tech gift to buy at the moment. And why not? I’ve tried them and they provide tremendous fun. They are difficult to ride at first. I required the help of my partner to help me onto the board at first. If I didn’t have her, I’d be flat on my face. When you are just starting out, getting onto the board and dismounting are the two times when most accidents occur, so be careful!

Swagway X1

Many hoverboard companies have entered the marketplace in the last six months. The marketplace is already very crowded. At the last count, I tallied 50 different hoverboard companies which is quite a lot! So deciding on the correct board can be hard. But one company that continually gets top marks is Swagway.

They have released a board called the X1. First of all, looks. It looks fantastic, sleek and well designed. Many boards often look cheap, but I was surprised that the board looked as good as it did in the photographs on their website.

Size wise, it’s about the same length as a skateboard. I don’t think this board would be suitable for children. There are many mini boards available which are shorter in length and with reduced and restricted speeds which are more kid friendly. I found the Swagway easy to place my feet on and it felt comfortable as I began to move off.

Controlling the board at first was difficult. But after a few hours, I was confident enough to crank it up to top speed. I maybe fell four times which compared to other people, is pretty good going! I would advise wearing protective gear, as there have been stories of horrible injuries such as broken bones and people being knocked unconscious. There have also been a few deaths reported, so for the sake of $20, make sure you invest in protective headgear and padding.

I found the board fast and the ride quality excellent. It can be hard to use the board on a surface which is not tarmac. For example, I tried to use the board on grass but the wheels found it difficult to turn, and the board only managed to move a few yards before grinding to a halt.

I used this board during commuting to my work and it managed to travel the 3 miles there, and 3 miles back. The board has been designed to comfortably do this distance which I found reassuring. I also carried the charger – just in case. The last thing I wanted to do was to be stranded!

The price is also ok. These devices are expensive, but this board wasn’t too expensive compared to other variations.

All in all, I would highly recommend this board. I would recommend buying some insurance whilst using the board though, as it is not particularly hard wearing. Good luck in your hoverboard search and happy riding!

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