Top 5 E-liquid Brands for 2016

When it comes to vaping and e-cigarettes, there isn’t much interesting we can say, however e-liquids are definitely a much more fun vaping related topic to talk about. With so many different flavours out there already it is hard to tell which e-liquids are going to blow our vaping loving minds this coming 2016 so we have created an article dedicated solely to our predictions of the best e-liquid brands for 2016.


We have noticed an increase in popularity with dessert flavoured e-liquid which is why we have featured e-liquid brands that specialise in dessert flavours.

  1. FLVRS

If you love dessert flavoured e-liquids then you will be a big fan of everything FLVRS do. Whether you are a fan of strawberry crème or fruity drinks, we can guarantee that FLVRS e-liquid flavours will soon become your favourites. Try out some of their flavours and see what you think, one of our personal favourites is their berry yoghurt flavour. We predict big things for this e-liquid brand this year, let’s see if they bring their A game.

  1. Naked Fish

We are excited to introduce Naked Fish’s e-liquid brands to you all the way from the stunning West Coast. Although, they do not actually offer fishy e-liquid flavours (thank god), so don’t let their branding deter you from their amazing flavours. This amazing e-liquid brand also surprisingly specialise in dessert flavoured e-liquids and we must say they are amazing. Their traditional American dessert flavours are what sets this e-liquid brand apart from the others and what will be their key tactic to make them a favourite for the New Year – we highly recommend you try the key lime pie flavour!

  1. Baked Vapes

If you have not yet noticed, we predict that dessert e-liquid brands will be storming the vaping world this 2016. And by dessert e-liquid brands we mean amazing brands such as Baked Vapes who, just like their name indicates, specialise in delicious tasting dessert e-liquids. If you are a vapour with a sweet tooth you will love the whole host of flavours Baked Vapes has to offer.

  1. Grey Haze

Whether you are a menthol fan or like an e-liquid that is more fruit or even sweeter, Grey Haze definitely have a taste that will suit everyone and make your taste buds tingle. We have high hopes for this great e-liquid brand in the New Year of 2016 and we’re sure you will be saying the same very soon.

  1. Evil Cloud

Despite their sinister appeal, Evil Cloud’s e-liquids are actually very sweet and all organic! From creamy strawberry mile to vanilla cookies, this amazing e-liquid brand showcase some mouth-watering e-liquid flavours that we just cannot get enough of. Another dessert brand, I know, however who doesn’t love a good piece of dessert and in an e-liquid you get the same satisfaction without all those guilty calories!

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