Tqualizer 3d T Shirt

Some people love to be the centre of attention, and if that’s you then you need one of these. It’s version II of the amazingly popular original T-Qualizer â„¢ T-shirt with a unique 3D effect panel. You’ll be impossible to miss as you light up the dance floor.

The T-Qualizer â„¢ is a light-up shirt with a built in graphic equalizer panel that is sound sensitive. As the music beats, the shirt’s equalizer lights up to the beat of the music.

The T-Qualizer â„¢ is now v2, and is improved with advanced design and technology. The controller box is built with a wider spectrum sensor controller that can be adjusted to detect even low level sounds or adjusted to work in noisy head banging clubs.

It’s crazy, funky, fun, and of course very very cool. Geektastic.

Tqualizer 3d T Shirt

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