USB Plasma Ball

Plasma balls are cool. There’s no denying that. The God-like harnessing of the power of electricity is something everyone at Paramountzone attempted at a child, only to get a burst of 240V DC straight through our fingertips, which send us packing in no uncertain terms.

USB Plasma BallNow, however, the twin worlds of computing and plasma balls are finally united, allowing access to the joys of the plasma ball, without the need to remortgage your house to pay the electricity bills.

Plug the plasma ball into a free USB port, sit back and wait for the applause of your colleagues as they stare, open-mouthed into the crackling, electrically charged 3-inch abyss. Yours for pocket money and sure to raise a stir in even the most mundane cubicle office. Huzzah!

It’s about 13cm tall, and as you touch it, it responds with amazing lights and movements.

Main Features:

  • Powered by USB
  • Touch sensitive response
  • Approx 13 cm tall

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